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About us

"We had a dream"

We, Dr. Bridget Hennessy and Dr. Jennifer Weydert, founded Midwest Family Dentistry in 2017. 

We have been gratefully serving the Stuttgart community ever since.

We have grown the practice through word of mouth referrals from patients who appreciate the time we take to get to know them as people and who know we always provide outstanding dentistry with a personal touch.

We value the great relationships we form with our patients who know we truly have the best interests at heart and we want them to always have a good experience while in our care.

Curious why we have the word "Midwest" in our name? 

What drives us?
  • Understanding our patients

  • Prevention of periodontal disease and illness​

  • Adapt relevant technology

  • Continuously study, research and learn

  • Invest in our team and our patients

  • Offer transparent communication and information

  • A great work/life balance

  • Offering career opportunities

  • Continuously reaching our potential 

  • Improving the dental health of our patients

  • Restoring and improving smiles

What dreams do we have?
  • Optimizing our workflows more and more

  • Expand services offered

  • Growing into a very diverse team to reflect the beautiful diversity of our patients

  • Continuously adding value to the office 

  • Empowering patients and team in a profound way

  • Make work meaningful 

  • Inspire our young patients to seek career opportunities in the dental field.

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