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Pediatric Dentistry

We are so privileged  to serve a community of diverse families!  Please bring your little ones for a first visit at one year of age.  We begin the process of earning their trust, monitoring their development and providing professional guidance with home care and diet.  Many visits for our younger people involve the parents getting some cavity-prevention hands on training.  This is fun, and if incorporated at home can COMPLETELY prevent tooth decay! 

Let us show you how to avoid additional visits for treatment.

We generally schedule our young patients in the morning for several reasons:

1. Children do better in the morning when they are rested and their mind is not already full with school, playtime, etc. 

2. We try to reserve the after school appointments for adults who work and can't take off as easily.

3. We will provide you a letter for school to excuse the absences. We also have the school calendars at hand to see where we can accommodate best (e.g. scheduling during seminar, etc)

Pediatric days are special :)

Ever so often we offer pediatric Fridays (8AM - 1PM) where we only see children.

Everything will be about our youngest patients; from the music to special helpers who come in to assist :).

Pediatric Fridays are fun!

Impressions :)

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